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Our Approach

Evolution: by Design™

The idea is simple. Business growth is driven by customers. Ensure that you deliver value where your customers need and expect it.

From your goals

Understand your customers and markets

Shifting focus from products to value, through the lens of your customers

  • Customer Centricity
  • Strategic Value Proposition
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Innovation

Create strategy and ensure your organisation is ready to deliver

Working on strategy and organisational alignment

  • Organisational Purpose
  • Organisational Alignment
  • Customer-centric Strategy
  • Inbound Strategy

Work together to deploy the strategy

Our team gather with you around the strategy to execute it

  • Foundation Marketing
  • Digital Transformation
  • Marketing Execution
  • Performance Insights
To powerful results


See a sample of our favourite client success stories.

The Dentists

Challenge: To align six dental practices across New Zealand behind the founders values and deliver better outcomes for patients. To make the organisation less dependent on founders and ready to scale.

Approach: Define and document purpose, goals and patient value. Build a strong organisation and brand focused around customer centricity. Implement streamlined processes, systems and structure across all practices to ensure consistent delivery of highest value.


  • Implemented a strategic board
  • A more resilient, structured, documented business 
  • Increased customer centricity and value

Challenge: An incredible property that was being sold as an overnight luxury lodge, rather than a destination in its own right, with some misaligned guest expectations.  

Approach: Define who the customer is, understand their journey and develop a go to market strategy. Build a clear value proposition, a brand and an innovative digital strategy that attracts the right guests and is understood by trade distribution channels. 


  • 975% increase in revenue from digital channels within 12 months
  • Increased average length of stay
  • Guest feedback rating grown to 4.8 stars / 5
Lake Taupo Holiday Resort

Challenge: Client needed to stand independent from TOP10 holiday parks after heavily investing in upgrading their park to a holiday resort; and wanted to create long term growth strategy.

Approach: Clarify and refine a clear value proposition by shifting to their strategy from product to customer centric. Align marketing and digital to communicate value to target markets and distribution channels. Create a pricing strategy to maximise yield and occupancy. 


  • 10 to 1 ROI on total engagement
  • 36% increase in online reservations
  • Continued growth year on year 
Contour International

Challenge: Aligning strategy, sales and service to achieve growth in a market dominated by large and influential competitors and clients.

Approach: A strategic shift from equipment supplier to solutions partner. Redefinition and refinement of segmentation, targeting and value proposition. Sales and Marketing knowledge exchange to provide a two-way market feedback loop and shape communications execution.


  • Sustained year-on-year growth
  • Increased alignment between sales & marketing