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Shifting Thinking

Aligning Strategy, People and Action

Roland Leemans
Published by: Roland Leemans on 22 August 2019

Shifting thinking for transformational performance; creating resultant force for Jet Park

Shifting Thinking

Jet Park Hotels had a challenge: after investing in a multi-million renovation project and new conference facilities, the expected return was not there.

They were experiencing a revenue plateau and rising operating costs. At departmental level they seemed to be performing, but at organisational level they were not experiencing the combined rewards of that performance.

The assumption - a common and logical assumption shared by many hotels - was that they needed more bookings. The industry mantra of more guests was running through their collective minds.

When Jet Park approached Blue Ocean to deliver marketing activities, we quickly realised that no matter the strategy, execution by their internal resources had a high risk of failure through misalignment. We invested in time with Jet Park executives, and management consultant and CEO Roland Leemans put forward a solution.

“Shift your thinking, you will transform your performance.”

The Play

The Background

Jet Park Hotels has grown organically from a small family-operated business to a medium enterprise with a formal management structure. Jet Park Hotels has a significant opportunity to grow but - as is all too familiar for many organisations - they were experiencing challenges turning organisation goals into strategic action that would yield results.

The Blue Ocean Challenge

The challenge was delivering a marketing strategy that would succeed across the organisation and not just for some departments at the expense of others. With departments moving in different directions, the challenge was to design and implement a marketing strategy to focus the whole organisation on a common goal and generate the resultant force needed to grow profitability.

The Approach

Aligning strategy, people and action

Break the status quo.

Bring the team together through a series of Blue Ocean-facilitated onboarding sessions and bring challenges to the fore, highlight the impact of isolated challenges across the organisation, educate on the core concepts of organisational design and alignment, and gather feedback on where to go from here.


Make the vision of the future a reality.

Aggregate and analyse the feedback, insights and suggestions, then strategy can be evolved, and a change management plan provided to support executives and leaders to take systematic action in shaping the organisation.

Provide a framework for redesigning processes and setting accountability to achieve a common goal. Importantly, enabling staff to control, influence and deliver on key responsibilities to drive cross-functional collaboration.


Establishing change as the new normal.

Provide a process for institutionalising changes to strategy, processes and behaviours through performance measurement, continuous review, and alignment of individual, departmental and organisational goals.

The Marketing Action

A goal without a plan is a wish
A strategy without action is a daydream
Any action without strategy is a nightmare
A goal with strategy and action is playing to win

Whilst “The Approach” was carried out and mindsets shifted from being activity-led to developing strategic solutions, Blue Ocean were able to develop a marketing strategy, in parallel, to align the people and actions across the organisation.


Value proposition design – determining who they are, who they are not and the needs and wants of ideal customers.

Targeting for value – understanding customer segments and the value they deliver the business. Setting strategic marketing activities in place to connect with these customers.

Alignment of marketing and sales strategies to leverage B2B customer lifecycle, lead generation activities, and jointly support conversion processes.


Digital transformation

Integrated marketing campaigns

Powered-up social marketing


The Results

This is where science meets art and transformational performance is seen. It’s basic physics. When all forces (people) are working more closely towards the same direction, the resultant force is exponentially increased and continues to increase over time as competing forces decline and drag is reduced.

The Facts:

Over the course of six months Jet Park Hotels is already reporting:

Reduction in costs in every department as resources are aligned and no longer competing for, or doubling up on, expenses.

Reduced cost of acquisition through targeted marketing, clear value proposition, and improved conversion process.

Culture change resulting in employee engagement, collaboration and open communication, reduced turnover and absenteeism.

Increased knowledge and skill base of key Jet Park Hotels staff in strategy, process design and marketing action.

Increased business confidence in the new structure which can be easily scaled for future growth and expansion of the group.

Faster, more accurate decision making leading to more effective action on key activities such as implementing:

  • New pricing strategy
  • Digital transformation strategy
  • Conference and events strategy - the addition of process alignment with customer lifecycle continues to increase leads generated and conversion rate

What our Blue Ocean Captain has to say:

Sonja Herrman, Marketing Manager, Jet Park Hotels

“We have received great assistance with our marketing strategy and most importantly ensuring that our business activities are measurable with clear KPIs, sound structures, and good business processes.
It’s really valuable to have a fresh set of eyes to help review the business and to formulate a sound strategy with measurable objectives that really impact on the success of the business.
To see the marketing activity rolling out certainly helps boost the team and build more engagement. Since the initial digital transformation implementation we have already seen substantial increases in revenue, bookings and enquiries.”