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Shifting Thinking

Identifying and Communicating Value

Henrik Arlund
Published by: Henrik Arlund on 16 November 2018

How an established business with a strong internal sense of self revitalised their marketing and communications to communicate their value to the market

Identifying value elements

Rapids Jet in Taupo, New Zealand has been operating for over 20 years and required a boost in marketing to continue growth and stave off competition and alternate offerings in the area.

We discovered that Rapids Jet had a genuinely unique product, delivered exceptionally well. However, Rapids Jet's full value proposition was not communicated through their marketing. The approach we took included interviews of owners, staff, jet boat drivers and taking advantage of previous customer surveys to plot multiple strategy canvases both for Rapids Jet and competitors. We then compared across the organisation and with customers.

Visualising Value

Using the Strategy Canvas, we mapped Rapids Jet's key value elements to visualise their value proposition against their competitors and alternatives.

We were very pleased to discover that there was significant alignment between all staff and customers. Both staff and customers identified similar value elements and ranked them closely.

However, we found that there were strong value elements that were not communicated to customers. This effectively meant that Rapids Jet was delivering unexpected value to customers; value they didn’t expect and which had no influence on their decision to jet boat the rapids.

Telling the full story

A unique approach was taken to communication of Rapids Jet's full value proposition; turning their value elements directly into their brand story.

To fully communicate their value we didn’t just consider the product offering as a whole, but took it one step further and developed a compelling tagline for each of the core identified value elements.

The taglines were combined within a brand story and used throughout their marketing execution. In total we selected the 7 highest ranked value elements and structured an information hierarchy and communications framework around them; informing key communication pillars, navigation and more.