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Shifting Thinking

Normal is Up For Grabs

Dale Koerner
Published by: Dale Koerner

As businesses across New Zealand resume, rebuild or re-invent, we are presented a unique opportunity to learn from each other and evolve. 

Normal, as a definition, is up for grabs.

As a snippet of inspiration, we're sharing the way that some of our clients have evolved; refining, or redefining their businesses and shifting their own definition of "business as usual". 

Whether the here and now is about persisting, or pivoting, we hope these soundbites give food for thought. 



Research and strategy led to an evolution of BeeNZ as a business, and as a brand. BeeNZ's new direction was unveiled last week and is resonating strongly with customers and partners alike. Led by the Hayes family, BeeNZ has been built on a solid foundation of core values and, with a strategy that aligns those with their customers, they have the world at their feet.


the Dentists

North-Island dental group, the Dentists, underwent a significant transformation to align their organisation behind their customers, and the core values of leadership. Team members from all 6 practices have been caring for patients throughout lockdown, and cleverly using downtime to successfully align their people and processes. 


Contour International

Packaging experts, Contour International, underwent a strategic pivot in 2017 and have been successfully embedding the shift since. Shifting from a product focus to a solution focus, supported by a sales force that listens to the market, Contour International have been able to stay ahead through the COVID lockdown. 


BlueOcean exists to increase the success rate of any New Zealand business by helping them make the shift from products to customers.

If we can help you make the shift, and position your business for resilience or a reset, we'd love to chat.